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We are a full service Revenue Cycle Management – Dedicated in helping all types of medical practices

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Expert ICD-10 Billing Support

Our ICD 10 Billing Experts provide Rapid solutions to the most complex coding challenges.

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Medical Billing Rates

Charging clients a percentage of net billing or collections is Our pricing model..

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Medical / Dental Billing and Coding

Highly reputed and experienced staff with 24 – 48 Hour turnaround and 98% assured coding accuracy

AR Management

We help our physicians on all the complicated and critical processes involved in the process of AR management which includes filing of appeals, monitoring low reimbursement rates from insurances.

Eligibility Pre-Certification
and Denial Management

100% Verification Services will be carried forward on eligibility and Pre-Authorization Services ensure you get paid within a 24- 48 hour turnaround

Business Intelligence

We provide real time highly secured reports to our physicians in types of financial reports that are essential to efficiently move on with the business.

Applications Management

Simplified Payment processing services with enrolling your practice on ERA, EDI, EFT for quicker reimbursement.

ICD 10
Conversion Support

From business intelligence technology to expert consulting services, we have all the support you need for a smooth ICD-10 transition.

When Patients need help its doctors they meet..
When Doctors need help, its One Core Billing they need..!

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