Frequently Asked Questions

One core billing solutions is a dedicated team which follows the Motto “Your Satisfaction is Our Concern” Yes! We are a work force where our vision and mission is to satisfy our clients in all aspects. Let us handle your financials and all what you have to focus is on none other than your patients!

One core billing solutions consist of various departments where each department focuses on individual operational processes which will save time, increase your deposit rates within a short period of time, provide you the finest reports and ideas which will help you improve your business and finally to reduce your stress which will lead you focus more time on your patients.

One Core Billing Solutions introduces a pricing model where only a specific percentage of the net billing or collections (completion basis) is charged from our clients where there are no other additional cost to consider. We only charge a fee when a bill or collection account is successfully paid.

One core billing solutions offers you the finest rates in this industry when compared with our competitor’s rates and we are dedicated to generate you the most excellent services and results which are superior to our competitors.

In additional, our dedicated Sales Consultation team will help you customize the finest and efficient package according your medical practice.

We provide the complete revenue cycle management services for physician’s offices, ambulatory surgery centers, and hospitals.  Our goal is to increase revenue for clients within a short period of time by fulfilling all aspects in order to provide maximum satisfaction.

One core billing solution is an organization that is strictly adhered to the rules and regulations of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability act of 1996 (HIPAA). We pay extra attention to our client’s and patients confidential information. No one other than your account team will have access to your patient information.

We provide you the finest firewall systems in the market and a highly secured cloud based system where everything is maintained in a well secured manner.