AR Management

Cash flow is the ultimate key for any practice.We work closely with our clients on the services we’re providing to earn their trust and successfully achieve mutual goals together.Your Accounts receivable and the claims turnaround time has a significant impact on your medical practice.

By Outsourcing you process to One Core Medical Solutions we assure you a faster turnaround in AR. Our AR Management Services ensures your financial success is as important to your business as it is to ours.

What we offer

  • Outsourcing the work process to One Core Billing Solutions will help you submit your claims quicker with 99% accuracy, where you receive the payments from insurances in the shortest period of time.
  • One Core Billing Solutions holds responsibility for all the complicated and critical processes involved in the process of AR management which includes filing of appeals, monitoring low reimbursement rates from insurances, updating insurance policy agreements, managing unapplied balances, refunds, and patient statements processing.
  • Payment posting will be made by the highly skilled professional staff with 100% accuracy within 24-48 hour turnaround which will result in detecting denials straight forward. One Core Billing Solution provides a separate work force called the “Denial Management” where these claims will be re worked upfront to fix issues within 24-48 hours turnaround for more reimbursement.
  • The One Core Billing Solutions Quality Assurance Management team is an added advantage you receive which assures in high reimbursement rate within a short period of time where it only focuses on maintaining 100% quality and accuracy at all times.
  • We also ensure that claims with a possibility to submit via electronically will be set up in order to receive ERA’s which will further save time and increase the reimbursement rate.
  • Our mission is to increase cash flow within a short period of time in an efficient and a secured manner.

Need to Maximize Payments and Minimize errors? Our Strategic Approach will speak results..