Denial Management

One Core Billing Solutions is especially dedicated in solving issues on unpaid claims.

We consist of a dedicated Denial Management team which will thoroughly focus on fixing Denials and Correspondences within 24-48 hours TAT so that we maximizing effectiveness at collecting unpaid claims ensuring that no time is lost on pursuing every reimbursement possibility. Therefore go ahead and attend to your patient’s requirements and let us do the needful to reimburse them from the insurance companies.


Additional benefits you receive

  • Weekly reports with resolutions made on denials received from the insurances which will help you provide the services accordingly in future.
  • All Denied claims will be re worked within 24-48 hours and sent back to the relevant insurances for reimbursement with relevant resolutions.
  • Clear out the entire billing complications and receive 99% reimbursement rate at 30 days
Denial Management

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