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Are you worried on not receiving payments for High $ value services performed to your patients? Your worries end here.

One core Billing solutions consist of an Eligibility & Pre Certification verification department which will help you get your clear cut payments once the claim is billed out to the insurance.

One Core Billing solutions is dedicated to perform Eligibility and Pre certification verifications where there is no need to be concerned about the services being denied once performed. We provide you with 100% accurate verification services on Pre visits and notify you whether the services are authorized to be performed by the insurance and the patient’s contract within 24-48 hours TAT.

What more we offer?

Clear cut payments on fresh Claims billed

Claims will be billed out in 24-48 time for faster processing ensuring our providers receive gets quicker reimbursements.

Verifies Insurance Eligibility

Our e-Eligibility service allows you to perform unlimited insurance eligibility verification throughout the entire healthcare revenue cycle and at every patient encounter.

Validates Patients Identities

Our solution helps you detect possible fraud and identity theft. Our Clearance verifies that each patient’s demographic data is correct and notifies you about patient data issues or red flag alerts that could be related to identity theft. It also helps you find the patient’s best address.

Screens Patients Propensity to Pay

Our Clearance systems helps you by automatically screening patients’ ability and inclination to pay. Healthcare payment prediction scores let your staff assess whether or not a patient might pay.

Complete Update on Patient plans.

Check multiple payers and patients in one session, switch into different provider profiles, practice at the same time.

Weekly Reports on Verifications performed

Our Eligibility verification services provides you with access to all eligibility transaction history.

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